End of Grant Monitoring Reports

Recipients of a grant from Quartet Community Foundation are asked to submit an End of Grant monitoring report. This summarises your activities undertaken with the grant that has been awarded to you.

We ask that you submit a monitoring report once you have spent the grant. You will be sent an online form to complete via email. This is sent you at an appropriate time, which is specified by the date you provide in your Grant Acceptance Form when receiving our grant offer.

What we want to see – it’s not just about achievements!

It’s great to read about your successes and achievements with the grant awarded to you, but we don’t just want to read about this. We also want to know what didn’t go so well and why, and how you intend to move forward using any lessons you may have learnt.  We want you to:

Why we ask for end of grant monitoring

There is a great deal we can learn about our grant making from the feedback we receive from you. Also, it helps us to:

Importantly, our grants are made possible by funds that have been set up through Quartet Community Foundation. Through the feedback we receive, we can share your experiences and demonstrate the impact their fund is having to local organisations.

How it can impact future funding

Reporting back to us can be key to obtaining future grants, whilst a failure to do so may go against you with any future applications. We do revisit previous grant monitoring provided when assessing any subsequent grant application. This helps us to determine how you managed a previous grant and how openly you reported back to us.

Please note: sharing information with us on the aspects of your project that did not go well will not prejudice future applications, and it does not mean the project and the organisation are no good! As long as you can demonstrate what you have learnt and how you intend to move forward. This also allows us to learn what works and may not work well, and how various factors can have an impact on a project’s delivery.

Further information

Please see our Essential Information page for further information on spending the grant and reporting back to us.