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Companies and organisations

Advice for companies and organisations

We offer a philanthropy advice service that helps connect companies and organisations to the communities where you and your staff are based. We can help guide you and your staff and colleagues to make a lasting impact at a grassroots level by identifying the very best projects for support. This provides you with a simple, cost-effective and strategic way of giving. We can also share stories of the impact your fund is having on disadvantaged local communities, using social media and PR, if this is something you would like.

Whether your organisation is big or small, we can help make your corporate philanthropy more effective.

We've built up our charitable fund over eleven years working with Quartet. Their expertise helps us to identify and support a whole range of local projects supporting those most in need.

-Becky Ricards Small Partner, Withy King

Creating a named fund

At Quartet Community Foundation our Named Funds offer all the flexibility and control of your own charitable trust without the administrative burden that running a trust involves. And we also offer our expert advice and support whenever you need it to help you develop your giving strategy.

Endowment fund

This is a permanent, capital fund set up with a minimum pledge of £15,000, which can be made as a one-off gift or built-up over several years. The capital is invested and the income used to make grants year after year.

The very nature of endowment means this type of fund will go on helping your local community in perpetuity. It’s like having your own charitable trust, but we undertake all the investment and administration – yet you still choose which causes you wish to support.

To discuss the options open to you, please contact or phone 0117 989 7705.

Revenue fund

If you want to see your charitable giving being put to immediate use in the community and are able to give £10,000 or more per annum, then a Named Revenue Fund is the best option for you. Your donation will be used to address priority needs with you choosing which causes you wish to support.

To discuss the options open to you, please contact or phone 0117 989 7705.

Community fundraising

We know you love your local area just as much as we do, but we also know not every business can afford to create an endowment fund. That’s why we offer giveamonkeys as an easy way for anyone to make a difference to people living in the West of England.

Find out more about how you can fundraise and donate as a business or a group of colleagues, on our giveamonkeys page here.