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We know you love your local area just as much as we do.

But not everyone can afford an endowment fund. That’s why we’ve created giveamonkeys as an easy way for anyone to make a difference to people living in the West of England. Whether you’re donating as a business, an individual, or a group of friends or colleagues, you can either donate your money straight away – or set yourself a challenge using our fundraising pack, which contains everything you’ll need to raise money for thousands of local good causes.

Why we need your help

Some people living in the West of England don’t have the same opportunities as the rest of us, with one in five of our grants made in areas in the 10% most deprived in the UK. Young people, older people, disabled people, those living in inner city areas and those in the countryside with no transport are just some of our neighbours facing disadvantage and inequality. We make grants to organisations working on the frontline to help change lives.

We need your help to reach even more people, so that we don’t have to turn any hard-pressed groups away.

Read our Vital Signs report here to find out where the main problems are in our region.

Who does this money go to?

Your money helps people like Frank, who – isolated by dementia – struggles to connect with those around him. A small grant funded by #giveamonkeys has enabled Frank and others like him to relive precious memories and take some joy in those closest to him.

Read his full story here

Care home residents enjoying an Alive! guided reminiscence session together on an iPad
Care home residents enjoying an Alive! guided reminiscence session together on an iPad

Make us your chosen charity

We know how hard it is to decide who to donate to when you want to help people struggling in your local community. That’s where we come in – why choose one charity when you can support thousands?

Because we’re a community foundation, you give through us not to us, meaning we make your donation go further and to where it’s needed most, helping as many people as possible fulfil their potential. We can access hundreds of small charities and groups on your behalf – many are so small that you may not have heard of them. By donating through giveamonkeys we can put your money to work in our grants programmes across the West of England.

Even small donations can make a big difference, as we can pool smaller donations and strategically award them to projects doing vital work that meet local needs.

If you would like us to come and talk to staff or managers at your workplace, and ‘pitch’ as your chosen charity, email our CEO Sue at 

If you would like to support your local community, download your fundraising pack now or make a donation.