The Mayor's Fund for Bristol Grant

This grant programme is currently closed to applications.

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What is the Mayor’s Fund for Bristol?
This fund has been established by the first elected Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, to enable local citizens to contribute to a charitable fund to benefit disadvantaged people in the Bristol area.  The money will be distributed in the form of grants to constituted charitable organisations within Bristol City Council’s boundaries.  Information on how to contribute to the fund is available on our website.

2016 has been declared the Year of Learning by the Mayor. Learning has the potential to break down social barriers and increase social mobility; by planning together and promoting opportunities for everyone, of all ages, backgrounds and communities, we can make Bristol a better place for all. Quartet Community Foundation is one of over 50 organisations working in partnership with Bristol City Council to bring this vision to life.

To read more about the Mayor’s vision of Bristol as a Learning City, visit the Bristol Learning City website.

What can you apply for?
To be eligible for a grant from the Mayor’s Fund for Bristol Grant Programme you must demonstrate how your project benefits people in Bristol by enhancing or encouraging their learning outside mainstream education. Projects working with people of any age are eligible.

Who can apply?
The Mayor’s Fund for Bristol grant programme is targeted at small organisations with charitable aims where a small amount of money can make a significant difference. Applicants must be based and working in Bristol. Please note that individuals are not eligible to apply.

There are no limits to the size of organisation which may apply for a grant from the Mayor’s Fund for Bristol. However, if an applicant organisation has more than 8 months of its annual expenditure in unrestricted reserves then its application will be considered a lower priority for funding. If your organisation is holding significant financial reserves you will need to make it clear why these reserves cannot be used to cover the cost of the activity.

Please download and read the guidelines below before applying for a grant.