Southmead Fourteen Small & Medium Grants

This grant programme is open for applications all year.

Maximum grant awarded:
Small Grants up to the value of £1,000. Medium Grants between £1,000 and £5,000.

What is the Southmead Fourteen Small and Medium Grant Programme?
It is a grants programme for activities and projects in Southmead.  Southmead has been chosen to receive £200,000 of funding from Fourteen of which £73k has been allocated for Small and Medium Grants.  The overall award has been given to Southmead in recognition of the work that has gone into the Southmead Community Plan and how this aligns with the priorities of the Fourteen funding.

What can you apply for?
Your application must clearly demonstrate how your project addresses one or more of the following priorities:

Fourteen Programme Priorities Small Grants (up to £1k) and Medium Grants (£1k to £5k)

Fourteen Programme Additional Criteria Medium Grants (£1k to £5k)

Who can apply?
Grants are targeted at small, local, voluntary and community organisations where a small amount of money can make a significant difference. Applicants must be based and working in Bristol and the project must benefit Southmead residents.

Please download and read the guidelines below before applying for a grant.

Apply online using the link below. You can return to your online application form as many times as is needed, and save it as you go along. The online application link can also be shared with colleagues, or other parties, if more than one person needs to contribute to the application. Alternatively you can contact Helen Bone for a copy of the application form: 07855 344558 -