Stoke Park Group Friend’s Fund Grant

This grant programme is open for applications all year.

Maximum grant awarded:
The average size of grant awarded is £500. Applications for grants of up to £2,000 will be accepted. In exceptional circumstances the panel may choose to award a larger amount.

What is the Stoke Park Group Friend’s Fund?
The Stoke Park Group Friend’s Fund is intended to continue the charitable activities previously performed by the League of Friends of the Stoke Park Group.

What can you apply for?
The programme particularly welcomes applications for activities that help to integrate individuals with learning disabilities into the community, preventing them from becoming socially isolated; or provides them with an opportunity for personal achievement that they otherwise would not have.

A clear case for the necessity of the funding must be made, and applications must show that the funding will have a direct impact on individual beneficiaries. It must also be made clear, when applicable, that all options for accessing appropriate statutory sources of funding have been pursued and exhausted.

Who can apply?
We welcome applications to the Stoke Park Group Friend’s Grants Programme from individuals (or care trusts/other bodies that represent and/or support people) who previously enjoyed the facilities provided by the Stoke Park Hospital Group and its outreach provisions, together with other people with learning disabilities who may have used these facilities, had they still been operating.  Beneficiaries must be living in Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire, except where an individual living outside this area has a clear historic connection with Stoke Park Hospital Group.

Please download and read the guidelines before applying for a grant.

Download an application form, complete it and return it to us by email if possible. Alternatively you can send the completed copy by post to our main office. Contact details are provided in the guidelines.