Other Grant Programmes & Funders

Other Grant Programmes delivered in association with Quartet Community Foundation or funders that work in association with the Community Foundation.

Bristol Older People’s Funding Alliance – Transformation Fund

In response to the changing funding environment, the Alliance wants to help organisations change and adapt in order to meet the needs of older people in Bristol. This fund is not for the delivery of services but BOPFA have established to support organisations to:

To find out more please visit http://agefriendlybristol.org.uk/transformation-fund/

Henry Smith Grants

The Henry Smith Charity makes grants for work throughout the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Priority is given to work with groups experiencing social and/or economic disadvantage (people with disabilities, for example) and to work that tackles problems in areas of high deprivation. Applications must be made directly to the Henry Smith Charity.  Please see the Henry Smith Charity website for details.
020 7264 4970

Society of Merchant Venturers Grants

The Society of Merchant Venturers awards grants for work based in the Bristol area. The Committee will consider applications from organisations addressing social needs, youth, education, social enterprise, health care, culture and the arts. Applications must be made directly to the Society of Merchant Venturers. Please see the Society of Merchant Venturers website for details.
0117 973 8058

Gannett Foundation Grants

The Gannett Foundation awards grants for work throughout the UK. Priority is given to work addressing education and neighbourhood improvement, economic development, youth development, community problem-solving, assistance to disadvantaged people, environmental conservation and cultural enrichment. Grants applications are made to local newspapers owned by Newsquest UK. Please see the Gannett Foundation website for details.

Fredericks Foundation

The Fredericks Foundation awards micro loans for small businesses.
Fredericks Foundation will consider you for a loan and business support if you can demonstrate that you have made a genuine application for funds to your bank or a mainstream lender – and that you have been turned down.
Your business can be at any stage: you may require money to start-up; capital to expand your business; or funds to bridge a gap. Whether you are a sole trader, in a partnership or have a limited company you may be eligible for a loan.
For start-up businesses we offer up to a maximum of £10,000, though our average loan is less than £5,000. For established businesses with a financial track record of at least 3 years the maximum loan is £20,000.

Please see the Fredericks Foundation website for more details.