Coronavirus Other Help and Support

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust have set up the Charity Survival Fund in response to Julia and Hans’ ongoing concern about Covid-19s economic impact on charities.  Their £10m fund will provide core funding to help charities, especially small and medium sized, to offset lost income in the current financial year.

The fund is open to UK registered charities that:

Visit their website for further informatoin on the grants available related to your annual income, guidelines for applicants and an online application process.

Their current deadline for receipt of applications is 5pm on Monday 27 July


AutonoMe provides service to people with Learning Disabilities.  In response to the Coronavirus crisis they are offering a slimmed-down version of AutonoMe for FREE to vulnerable people such as people with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health needs, Care Leavers, Young Homeless and others in the UK who need support with independent living skills. 
Through their App people can access to their online library of instructional videos and reminders. The videos demonstrate skills for independent living and fall into 4 categories; cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, safety and security including how to properly wash your hands. The service is available 24/7 and works across iOS and Android smart devices.   
The process for accessing AutonoMe for FREE is as follows: 
1. Go to their website and complete a short referral form 
2. They will contact you and arrange a time for training and setup 
3. They will provide remote training for staff and the person to install and use the app as well as training for staff in how best to support someone to start using AutonoMe 
4. They will be available for support on

Are you a food or children’s charity that wants to help families access quality food during the crisis? has converted its microgifting platform to provide a free service to fill the gaps in getting food supplies to those who need it.  
Where people may struggle to use the vouchers replacing ​free school meals, charities and schools can register online to access a contactless system. 

They’re based in Bristol so do contact them for further information.

180 Degrees Consulting are offering charities the chance to have 4 talented students spend their summer working on a covid-themed project and their notable clients include St. Peter’s Hospice, Age UK Bristol, Above & Beyond and Bristol Children’s Charity. Their services typically include executive-level strategic, marketing and data analytics advisory but they want to spend their summer finding innovative ways they can support Bristol-based charities through the global pandemic.

Reach out to Jack Elliot ( to discuss the ways in which 180 Degrees Consulting could support your organisation.