50% think charities are trustworthy.

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Trust in charity - or should you?

Not our words but the results of a 2017 survey run by CAF UK.

And with another news headline published on 2nd January 2018 announcing the jailing of a dishonest charity chief, it is perhaps not surprising that only 50% think charity is trustworthy.

That is the problem with reading headline stories.

We think this statistic is grossly unfair. We know from working in this sector for 30 years, (and last year providing around £3m in grants), that the majority of charities are absolutely trustworthy. They are working exceptionally hard, delivering services that are desperately needed and often go above and beyond.

But stories of everyday good service rarely make the headline writers tingle with excitement.

Trust is important, of course. However, community foundations like Quartet, don’t provide grant money based on trust, or because we know from our own experience that more than 50% of the charities we help are trustworthy. We know there are a few people who will disappoint, as in life in general.

We won’t take a risk with donors money regardless of how well we know the charities concerned, or how long they have been operating.

Every charity or voluntary organisation we fund has to undergo a due diligence process that includes understanding how the charity is run and by whom, viewing policy documents; how much money is in place, what money they need, how it is going to be spent, who signs the cheques and more. We even do site visits where appropriate.

The Quartet grants team will assess the 23 grant requests in our inbox today (4 Jan 2018)  by putting each and every charity through a due diligence process before we approve a penny of the £69,682.47 they have collectively asked for. In 6-8 weeks the process will be complete and we will aim to distribute the grants.

But some will not be successful because they do not meet the due diligence criteria. (Just so you know, they are not abandoned. We provide advice and guidance on how the gaps need to be filled so they can try again).

This process is followed for all charities no matter the size of the request, or whether they are a small local charity or a large national charity working locally. Last year we approved 997 projects using this process.

If you are 50/50 about charitable giving, or give just to the large branded charities rather than small, local charities because of trust issues, let Quartet Community Foundation provide the reassurance you need and deliver your money to those in need.

In your neighbourhood. In your community.