Are your best suppliers brands most people don’t know?

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The answer to our question is probably yes.

Yet this process appears to be how business and individuals choose a charity to support.

90.5% of all charitable income in December 2017 was provided to the 6.8% largest charities in the UK

-Source: Charity Commission 

Choosing a charity for your business to support is not like choosing a new widget supplier. A common way to select your charity is to involve employees to nominate their favourites then vote on a shortlist. It’s inevitable that a large percentage of your employees are disengaged during this traditional process as their choice is discarded.

It’s also inevitable that the best known charities get chosen and for the same reason that the better known brands are found in our shopping baskets. Marketing.

There are more than 3,500 charities in the West of England and most will be unknown to your employees. They don’t do marketing. They don’t have the spare cash, nor the skills.

These small, local good causes are working to support people in your neighbourhood, your city – day in, day out. They need your help.

Your business and employees probably already support charities. We all know that employee engagement is a fundamental element of good business practice, and you do deserve a gold star for being a kind business – but it’s more than that. Your employees have probably run, jumped, cycled, baked and more to fundraise. They deserve to know they are having a profound effect on their chosen cause in their chosen community.

They also deserve more interaction than a charity presentation at the beginning of the year, and another at the end of the year when the money is handed over. That does not encourage involvement, provide inspiration nor tell the story of what is happening in their own community. We have a solution to this that should interest you. Get in touch with if you want to learn more.

... employees who feel their jobs have meaning, or that they are able to make a difference, exhibit greater levels of loyalty.

-Source: Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017 

It’s also not about how much money you raise. It is about the effect that money can have on local charities working under your chosen theme or cause.

A few hundred pounds to a small, local charity can make a difference. Imagine, if you can, the effect a few thousands pounds will have.

If your business has already chosen a charity of the year for 2018, then thankyou.

If you haven’t, will you consider joining other local businesses and choose a theme or ’cause of the year’?  You could help make our communities fairer and safer, build stronger communities, improve physical and mental health, encourage employment and skill development for the most disadvantaged people. We can help you think through this new initiative, aligning it to your business purpose, with our Choices Toolkit.

Quartet Community Foundation delivers grants to thousands of local projects and your employees will be interested and inspired by what these grass-roots projects do. We have been helping businesses make their giving count locally for 30 years.

Your business and your employees have enormous power to help local, small charities.

Will you put your power to good use through us?