Make a difference where you work?

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Do you want to make a difference where you work?

If you choose a charity of the year you may be missing the opportunity to involve your employees in supporting local projects on their doorstep, and projects that they really care about.

By working with Quartet, supporting our new initiative and choosing a ‘cause of the year’ your money will likely go to not one, not two but multiple small and local voluntary groups and charities in your area that are too small to ever get on your radar.

They’re busy doing essential work, often on a shoe string budget, to change lives in the community where your business is based and where your staff live.

How to choose your cause?

We can help you determine which headline cause your employees will love. For example one of our business supporters has chosen as their cause of the year ‘any charity operating in North Somerset’. For another it is ‘any of the good causes improving health’ and another is simply ‘stronger communities’.

The themed cause you choose can be one that a majority of your employees really care about. Our Choices Toolkit goes some way to helping you make these decisions.

What to do when you have chosen?

This depends on how much you plan to raise and what you want to achieve. Do you want to spend all the funds raised immediately, or work towards building up a long term fund with Quartet as, perhaps, a legacy for your community in the name of your business.

In all cases, there are tax benefits associated to giving.

With both named funds, Quartet provide you with information on grant requests received (and following due diligence) your business makes a choice on who / what to support.

Business involvement in social issues and ‘good causes’ goes beyond the tangible impact made or the reputational benefit that might result; by involving employees in such initiatives, employers seem to be boosting millennials’ sense of empowerment. This is important to businesses for, as we saw in 2016, employees who feel their jobs have meaning, or that they are able to make a difference, exhibit greater levels of loyalty.

-Source: Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017 

Getting your employees involved?

Your employees want to know more than who they are running, baking, cycling, knitting for. They want to know how their money is being spent; what their efforts mean in real terms.

Our aim is to deliver regular content to inspire your employees during their fundraising year – even before a pound is raised and certainly before a cheque is handed over.

  1. A quarterly report to share – themed to your chosen cause (ie health, North Somerset, etc) – showing how multiple grant recipients, no matter the value received, are making a difference to the lives of local people.
  2. The option to visit the inspiring projects as well as other motivating events (currently named fund holders only)
  3. Presentation – At the end of the year programme, the total amount raised can be announced and presented.

But it’s not just about how much money you raise, it is about the effect that money can have on your chosen cause. And working with us, even small amounts of money can make a big difference to local groups.

We’d love you to join us in this new initiative. Let’s chat.

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