The value of your money

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We know how generous individuals and business is the in UK when it comes to charity. We also appreciate that for some a chosen charity is supported entirely because of a strong emotional trigger.

But we also know that many of us donate regularly because they simply want to help where they can. These may be small or large donations.

What isn’t clear to any of us is why most of this money (90%) is given to the 6.8% largest charities in the UK whilst our small and local charities are left struggling. (Source: Charity Commission December 2017)

We know it is difficult to find these local charities. In our region there are c. 3,500. This is one of the reasons why community foundations exist. To ensure these local good causes are found, and receive grant funding to deliver their services in the local community.

We know there is, sometimes, an issue of trust particularly if the charity name (brand) is not recognised.

Are they legitimate?

Are they really doing good?

Is the need valid?

A community foundation undertakes a due diligence process for every grant applicant. Legitimacy is proven before a penny is given.

We also know the value being delivered for the money provided. We approve grant requests for as little as £50 or in the thousands. We know where it is going to be spent and what it is being spent on.

Real needs. In your community. Today and tomorrow.

We also know the effect the money has after it has been spent.

Does that happen with your donation to other charities? Does it matter to you?

Quartet support some charities that don’t have salary bills. They have no employees and are run by volunteers. They may survive with as little as £1,000 a year.

Imagine what a difference another £100 would make.

Even those with employees are focussed on the service, the needs, the community. Rarely the brand, the marketing, the financial planning.

So, if you are about to write a cheque for £10, £100 or even £1,000+ please consider how and where that money will be spent.

If you don’t know how to find your small and local charities, you can donate via Quartet and we will deliver your money to those that need it most and work in your community.

If your business donates regularly, including employee fundraising, talk to us about how you can help in the communities in which your employees live. Or take a look at our Choices Toolkit to see what choice means.

Make sure your money has value.