To be fair…

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Fairness is a word that is often tossed around, but is rarely thought through. What does it mean for a society to be fair? How fair are we now and how many of us are trying to increase fairness in our communities? Is it working?

At Quartet we think about fairness a lot. Last year a quarter of our own grant making fell into this category, with £521k given out to local groups working to make our area fairer. We supported foodbanks and advice services, subsidized fuel costs for isolated older people and much, much more.

But for us, fairness is not just about income inequality or poverty, but equality of opportunity and the chance to lead fulfilling, happy lives. It’s about services for people whose needs have been missed, or chances to experience the things that most people take for granted. It is issues around exclusion, discrimination and bullying. Or to frame it more positively, it’s about inclusion, acceptance and access for everyone.

We work hard to target our grant-making at those organisations who are most effective at redressing some of the imbalances in fairness in our society. From large grants to small, this support makes a real difference to the lives of the people around us.

Poverty and other kinds of deprivation data give us an evidence base for discussing fairness, but we think the reality of what fairness means is much broader.

This is why we are asking business owners who support a charity of the year to choose a cause of the year. A cause like fairness – to help us address the imbalance in our society.

If this feels right, you can download our Choices Toolkit from our website. It includes a little more information on the needs met under our fairness cause.

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