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A different way…

How many of your best suppliers are brands most people don’t know?

Thousands of small local charities need your help but you don’t know they exist.

If you or your business give to any charity or good cause, you are officially a star in our eyes.

But it’s a fact (December 2017 Charity Commission) that 90% of all donations are given to the largest 6.8% of UK charities, and it’s something we want to help change. Not just because small charities should get a fair share of the sector’s income. But because small charities tend to work locally where people really need help, and we want to create more giving and support more good causes locally here in your region.

Start in the way that your business chooses its chosen charity.

The traditional way is not wrong. It’s just that our region and our thinking is changing. Your employees are more interested in charitable giving, and specifically giving local.

It is time to think differently and give to local good causes which connect so much better to your employees.

From charity of the year to cause of the year.

Choices Toolkit

We have created a simple but effective toolkit (see link below for a downloadable pdf) that may help address questions when considering selecting a preferred cause and what that may mean in terms of the good causes being helped.

“Being involved with ‘good causes’ and not-for-profit organisations—whether directly or through opportunities provided by employers—helps millennials feel empowered and able to influence the world around them.”  The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017

If you are interested in hearing how you can support charity through Quartet, and receive a planned communication programme to support employee engagement that is aligned to your giving, please get in touch with on 0117 989 7700.

This is a different way that will work with your support.

A few hundred pounds to a small charity is enormously helpful.

If you can, imagine what a few thousand might do.