Develop your giving strategy

Making decisions about where to direct your charitable giving may be an activity that you are well practiced at, or it may still be new to you and you may have questions about how to start making these choices. We can help you identify what is important to you and explore the range of options available. By understanding your interests we aim to help you to get the most from your charitable giving. Our knowledge of local needs will develop your awareness of the issues you care about most and can help guide you as you develop your giving strategy. We have worked with a wide range of different donors – individuals, families, charitable trusts and companies – to help them develop a plan for their giving. On their behalf we have explored issues such as young people leaving care, educational under attainment in South Bristol, older peoples’ needs in Weston-super-Mare and many more. Through a series of project visits, discussions and background research we have supported donors to make informed decisions about their giving secure in the knowledge that they are meeting real local needs. To discuss how we might be able to help you develop your own giving strategy please contact Ronnie Brown Philanthropy Director.