How will my donation make a difference?

Your donation will be making a difference to local people in the West of England who are faced with huge challenges and disadvantages that prevent them from fulfilling their potential. We work closely with communities and charitable groups on the front-line to understand where your donations will do the most good, to support as many people as possible to fulfil their potential, which we believe will strengthen communities and make society better for everyone. By pooling donations together we help you to make a bigger impact than your donation could make alone, helping you to support community and voluntary groups doing great work right at the heart of our communities.

Can I donate gifts other than money?

Yes, gifts of shares, property, land and other investments are very welcome and, like donating cash, can bring generous tax benefits for both you and Quartet. Leaving a donation to us in your will is also a very effective way of supporting local good causes. Also – click to read our Gift Acceptance Policy.

Can I make my donation go further with Gift Aid?

If you are an individual UK taxpayer, using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give, we receive an extra 25 pence from the Inland Revenue. Imagine what a difference that could make and it doesn’t cost you a thing. If you’re a higher rate taxpayer (currently 40%), you can also reclaim tax relief for yourself on your annual tax return. Companies also qualify for tax relief under Gift Aid and must deduct the amount of the donation as a ‘charge’ when working out profits for corporation tax purposes.

Can I support a particular issue or area by making a donation?

Yes, you can request that your donation be used specifically to support community and voluntary groups in one of our four geographical areas (Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire). You could also choose to support one of our themed funds which benefit particular groups of people – please contact us for more details. Of course, if you are able to make a major donation you can set up your own charitable fund with Quartet, through which we can work with you to specify which causes you wish to support.

In what other ways can I support Quartet Community Foundation?

There are many different ways of supporting our work and it’s a case of finding the right way for you. Individuals could become a Friend of Quartet, set up their own charitable fund, or leave a gift in their will. Companies could make us their nominated charity of the year and involve staff in fundraising, set up a charitable fund with Quartet, set up a pay-roll giving scheme, or offer in-kind support. Whichever way you choose to help – it will certainly be appreciated.