Key benefits of a named fund

You set the criteria

Grants can be made based on, among others, cause, age of beneficiary, geographic area

We can do the research and present you with a range of projects

You can be involved a much or as little as you want in the decision making.  If you prefer, you could leave it up to us to allocate grants to a range of causes across the West of England at our discretion.

Different types of donations

You may make a gift of money or an item of value such as shares, property or other investments to set up a fund, or leave a gift in your will.

At your discretion

You can request that grants are paid out in the name of your fund, or anonymously.  We can organise publicity about your fund if desired.

to discuss any of the options open to you please contact Ronnie Brown or phone Ronnie on 0117 989 7705