The history of the Needham Cooper Charitable Trust

‘Until the Sun Grows Old’ is a fascinating book outlining the history of the Needham Cooper Charitable Trust, a fund that we have worked with since the earliest days of our existence.

We’ve worked formally with the Trust at Quartet since 1991, and in 1999 they helped us to purchase our current office Royal Oak House. We still manage a large fund on behalf of the remaining trustees.

"Bill and Joyce Cooper did not plan to establish a charitable trust that would support dozens of groups and organisations with grants totalling more than £5 million. Bill progressed from a bank clerk in Bristol to a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Joyce kept two pigs at their home in Brentry, Bristol just after the war, developed a passion for pigs and eventually established a large pedigree herd at a farm near Yate."

Until the Sun Grows Old tells the story behind the Needham Cooper Charitable Trust. It is a story of people, enterprise, good fortune and, above all, of philanthropy.

The book has been updated for 2017 and a digital version is available to download.