A message from our CEO

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We'll ask 'What's art got to do with it?' at April's North Somerset event

My favourite part of my role here at Quartet is when I get the chance to visit a project we’ve funded and hear how they’re helping people, often in very difficult circumstances.  Despite the huge profile of large charities, research shows that it’s often these small projects that are best placed to help because they’re at ground level so they’re the first to spot and respond to newly emerging needs.
I’m always amazed by how much these small, local charities manage to do on a shoestring and the impact they have on the lives of the people they touch – their beneficiaries, volunteers and staff. 
I would like to share this privileged experience with you so I’m delighted to offer you the chance to come with us this Spring to see the work of five of these projects.  Moreover, because of the support that donors like you give to us we can organise all these events at no cost to you. 
It’s simple to book your place; just contact the person named on the Events Calendar to reserve your place.  As they are held in communities, space is limited so please book ASAP.
We will also be keen to hear your thoughts on our emerging new strategy for 2021-25.  We know our grants make an enormous difference to the lives of local people but with disadvantage growing locally, we need to change so we’re better able to support the needs we’re seeing in our communities.  If you’re not able to get along to any of these meetings to share your thoughts on our strategy, do get in touch with Lucy Gilbert or myself on 0117 989 7700 so we can share our ideas and hear your views.

Sue Turner, CEO