Are you overjoyed to leave lockdown? 

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Bath Rugby Foundation's Summer Break Out received a £20,000 grant through the Coronavirus Response Fund towards a month-long series of free camps

For many of us this period of uncertainty is difficult. But imagine you’re a young person who’s been isolated since schools shut on 20 March. And now even that contact is gone until an uncertain return in September. Family finances are tight and there’s no money for days out or summer camps.  

Well thankfully some youth projects are now keen to offer face-to-face meet ups and activities for young people experiencing deprivation, where it’s safe to do so.

Summer activities like the ones we support together can be life-changing for young people. Thanks for joining us to help local people in need reach their full potential this summer. 

Holiday hunger and poor mental health 

In May we shared research which highlighted the problems facing our young people including hunger and falling behind at school. Youth groups have an important role to play in helping young people shoulder the burden of poor mental health, neglect and tensions at home as family finances tighten.

So, we’re delighted that thanks to investment through the BYCA grant programme, our Express Grant Programme and our Coronavirus Response Fund, young people can now have summer fun while following government guidelines put in place to control the pandemic.

Young people will enjoy face to face summer fun thanks to grants through Quartet

·         Summer Break Out by Bath Rugby Foundation, pictured, are running a month-long series of free camps. These offer low income families in B&NES free healthy meals, physical activities, advice for struggling families and support for older teens looking to get into work, apprenticeships or further study. This £20,000 grant through the Coronavirus Response Fund will offer activities in different venues across B&NES to boost community integration after a long spell of social distancing and lock down

·         Young people from across Bristol aged 8-12 years old will enjoy holiday activities through the BYCA Grant Programme

·         Disabled children and their families in BANES will enjoy workshops and trips this summer thanks to a £2,840 grant through our Express Grant Programme. The funding for a Covid-19 complaint holiday play scheme will provide vital support to disabled children aged 5-19. For the children who attend KIDS Play schemes, due to the complexity of their medical or behavioural needs, this is the only opportunity they have to play outdoors, discover their surroundings, learn new skills, make friends and gain the access to free, inclusive play that every child deserves. The activities are all designed to develop disabled young people’s skills, confidence and independence, and include things like cooking, arts and crafts, swimming classes, movie days and sports and games.

Safety first

As lockdown restrictions ease groups can resume some socially distanced activities. But if Covid-19 guidelines change, they will find other ways to connect with the young people this summer including shifting to digital.