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3SG in Bath and Black South West Network both spoke about their work throughout Covid-19 at the latest Behind the Scenes event

For many of our supporters, one of the great joys of being involved with us is hearing from the organisations we support together. This is a great opportunity to discover how supporters can make a difference.  Our supporters are invited to a range of events throughout the year, including these Behind the Scenes events for our fund holders.  As a supporter you’ll be invited to a range of events throughout the year. This includes Behind the Scenes and Philanthropy in Practice events for our fund holders, plus inspiring events for all our supporters. Keep an eye on your email and on our website for more information.

Behind the Scenes of two local community organisations responding to Covid-19

Last month we welcomed 18 fund holders for an online conversation with two leading charities in Bristol and B&NES. The Behind the Scenes event series is specially designed with our fund holders in mind.  

We heard from Sado Jirde from Black South West Network and James Carlin from 3SG. Both talked passionately about their experiences of supporting their communities since the first lockdown. 

Both charities received Covid response grants through us during this period

The grants helped them:

The 90 minute session included small breakout groups to allow for greater discussions and the chance for fund holders to ask questions.

Events to inspire philanthropy

Our supporters are invited to a range of events throughout the year. This is an opportunity to hear from local projects and join with other people who care about their community. It’s a great way to hear about how philanthropy can help local causes and the people they support.

Our fund holders are invited to Behind the Scenes events in Bristol, and Philanthropy in Practice events in B&NES, North Somerset and South Glos. Contact Ronnie Brown if you’d like to join with hundreds of others who’ve already set up their own charitable fund with Quartet. 

“The session was a timely update and useful briefing on the bigger issues facing funders, charities and communities as the pandemic continues nearly one year on.” – Sarah Robinson, Quartet Fund Holder