Billion pound loss in funding for young people

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A report published earlier this month by the YMCA shows there’s been an almost billion-pound decline in funding for youth services by local authorities across England and Wales.

The reports says: “The day-to-day impact of youth services often goes unnoticed by the public, but the consequences of these cuts cannot be underestimated. Cases of knife crime, mental health difficulties and isolation among young people continue to rise, while the number of services available to positively intervene and prevent such cases continue to decline.”

We’ve seen a similar decline in our areas, and the impact on our young people. We’re doing all we can to tackle these issues. Our Vital Signs report last year showed that spending on young people was the number one priority for local communities.

Our grant spending on activities for young people is growing year on year. In 2017-18 25% of our grant spending went on projects for children and young people. This jumped to 37% last year.  To date this year on average 41% of our grant funding is going to projects for children and young people and the need to offer young people opportunities and ways stay out of trouble remains a priority for us and the communities we serve.