Ensuring everyone has a fair chance of a good life

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A recent grant we gave meant an older local person, who was struggling with their mental health, living without heat and scavenging in bins for food, could get the help they needed to cope in a crisis

I was asked recently to sum up in no more than 10 words what Quartet is all about.  We have the Vision and Mission statements you would expect of a well-established charity, and we’ve developed a “Theory of Change” that expresses the changes to society that all our activities aim to bring about, but it takes a lot of words to articulate each of these statements.

The phrase that I used with my questioner was “ensuring everyone has a fair chance of a good life”. Whether we’re making a large grant to help an organisation change, or providing smaller grants to alleviate immediate need for children, teenagers or adults with problems, at the heart of our work is always the sense of giving people a fair chance and that we should all have a shot at a good life. Here’s the feedback we’ve had from one recent grant recipient:

“A client approached us in mid-December. She was obviously malnourished and very distressed and exhibited behaviour consistent with severe mental health issues. Over several visits during that week we gained the client’s trust by providing her with what food we could and listening to her explanations of her situation. We established that she was approximately 60 years old and had no other support.

“She was living in private rented accommodation but was due to be evicted on New Year’s Eve. She had had no income since June 2017 and had been surviving by scavenging food out of bins. We successfully had the eviction suspended and got enough food from food banks and emergency payments for her to have heat and light through the Christmas period.”

Thanks to a grant from us, this project was able to offer this local older person support to get through a crisis period. It is shocking that a vulnerable person could fall through the safety net in 21st Century Britain but it’s a comfort to know that local charities and voluntary groups, thanks to funding from people like you, are here when all else fails.

If you believe that everyone should have a fair chance of a good life, please consider leaving a gift in your Will to Quartet Community Foundation to help us forever. A gift of any size would make all the difference. If you’d like to talk about leaving a gift in your Will you can phone Ronnie Brown for an informal chat on 0117 989 7700 or take a look at the information on our website.