Helping local philanthropists boost their giving

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Oasis Hub in Bath help to distribute food.

We launched the Lasting Legacy Match in April 2019 and we thought it may take two to three years to raise the £2m. But the match fund proved so popular that the target was achieved by the end of 2020.

Thanks to a quite remarkable £1m legacy we were able to stimulate philanthropy. Put simply, we could match every £2 donated with a further £1 – and many philanthropists were eligible for Gift Aid too.

Our Interim CEO Ronnie Brown said: “These gifts to our permanent endowment fund have given us an enormous boost as we tackle Covid-19. Because of this we could hit the ground running in March 2020, turning applications to our then newly established Covid response fund into grants in days.

“This was all made possible thanks to a generous £1 million legacy gift to Quartet Community Foundation from a local person who died in 2018.

“The donor’s family kindly agreed that we could use this legacy to stimulate local philanthropy by encouraging new donors to establish permanent funds and supporting existing donors to grow their funds.

“The match was available on a first-come, first-served basis for permanent donations to benefit charitable causes in the West of England in perpetuity. We’re enormously grateful to all the local philanthropists who gave so willingly.

“This match fund was so successful we’d love to be able to offer another so if you have clients who would like to be the catalyst to create this kind of lasting impact, please get in touch” says Ronnie Brown.

Leaving a legacy to Quartet Community Foundation or setting up a permanent endowment fund are just some of the ways of helping people in our own community for generations to come. For more information please contact Angela or Claire