Making a difference in lockdown

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Our Interim CEO Ronnie Brown
CHAS Bristol are helping people in Bristol at risk of homelessness
CHAS Bristol, who are helping people in Bristol at risk of homelessness, are one of 26 groups to be awarded a grant last week

Introduction from Ronnie Brown our Interim CEO

Last week I was privileged to sign off grants worth over £430,000 going to 26 charitable projects including CHAS pictured above. This is the largest weekly grant-making total in our 33 year history. 

Behind the numbers it is worth celebrating the collaborative efforts of everyone who has contributed to this:  

This enormous team effort will make all the difference to the lives of vulnerable older people, victims of domestic abuse, people with poor mental health and families in food poverty. Just one example from many – people in insecure housing will get additional support this winter thanks to a grant to CHAS Bristol.

We won’t always be able to give out such large sums each week. But the network of people and relationships that these grants represent continues to grow and strengthen.  We can’t do this alone but together we can make an enormous difference through Covid-19 and beyond.

Thank you for joining us.