Is YouTube the future of philanthropy?

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Mr Beast's big giveaway has earned him millions of subscribers on YouTube.

Quartet’s Board of Trustees met at the end of March to talk about how the foundation can grow to respond to needs. We’ll be having lots of discussions over the next year about the direction our work should take in helping people across the West of England and we’ll be asking your views.

One question is, how to engage young people in philanthropy? Should we join 20 year old Mr Beast, YouTube’s viral philanthropist, who recently gave away $1 million to homeless people in the streets? He used a combination of brand deals and viral videos to fund the big giveaway.

With our strategic approach to tackling disadvantage we may not agree with his populist approach but a video of him giving a homeless man a home has been watched by over 12 million viewers and his videos have had over 2 billion views. Could this be the future of philanthropy?

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