Two large legacies will change local lives

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Ron Barnes (1944-2018)
Josh Inoue used a R W Barnes Bursary to get himself through university and he's now pursuing his chosen career in Mathematics.

“When we told people who had received bursaries about Ron Barnes’ death they told us many stories about the difference his selfless support had made to them. One told us how he bought a powerful laptop with his bursary which he then used to set up a successful FinTech company that’s now employing more than 100 people” said Sue Turner, Quartet’s Chief Executive.

We’ve recently received two generous and important gifts in wills. Ron Barnes was a Somerset business man, at heart a scientist with diverse business interests. He was passionate about giving young people opportunities and for many years we’ve been running the bursary scheme for him that helps young people from low income households go to university to study physics, maths and engineering. Ron didn’t want the scheme to end when he died so he left Quartet Community Foundation a large legacy to continue the bursary scheme. His gift means local young people will benefit from university bursaries forever.

Sue Turner, Quartet’s Chief Executive explained: “Another extraordinary act of philanthropy has come from an anonymous £1 million gift we recently received. We’ve been allowed to use this £1 million to match donations with an extra 50% turning it into £3 million which will be used forever to support our local communities in need.”