Record uptake for our endowment match scheme

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Applications open for Infrastructure Organisations to support BAME-led charities and groups to access National Emergencies Trust (NET) funds

When we launched the Lasting Legacy Match at the start of April, based on past experience we thought it could take up to two years to secure the £2 million of new endowment donations to fulfill the match. Actually in less than three months nearly 50% of the match has been allocated. We’re delighted that the generous spirit of people here is rising to the challenge of giving a more secure future to people in need and helping them fulfil their potential. If you want to reserve some of the match, contact us soon so we can allocate some to you.

With so many new fund holders over the past two years we are organising a “Introduction to Philanthropy” tour on 4 September where we will take you on a tour of projects in South Bristol and Easton. It’ll be a great way to explore some of the issues facing people in these areas and find out more about how your philanthropy is helping change local lives for the better.