Discover how the Surviving Winter appeal helps older and vulnerable people in need

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Join people like Helen Wilde, our Chair, who has donated her Winter Fuel Payment to the appeal to help vulnerable and older people get through winter

Donations are helping older and vulnerable people in many ways including providing:

·         community transport over the winter months

·         grants that help people keep warm and eat well

·         hot water bottles, blankets and flasks and help with energy efficiency measures

Groups that benefited from the last appeal include SWAN Advice Network (towards the provision of Community Transport), West of England Rural Network, South Gloucestershire Citizens Advice Bureau and LiveWest Housing.

“In the winter it’s freezing in my flat. I’m 73 and had a brain injury in 2001. When it’s really cold I only have the heater on in the hallway so when you come in the flat it seems warm. It was magic getting the cheque, I do appreciate it.”

-Mr White 

74 different grants worth £177,000 have gone to local organisations since 2011

Every contribution, however big or small, matters. Since 2011 your efforts have helped thousands of local elderly and vulnerable people in need get through these cold, lonely winter months. We work with local organisations whose front-line staff can reach elderly people in need.

Together, they all add up to a lot of change for the better for local elderly people.

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With help from people like you we can really make a difference to the lives of elderly people who have to make the terrible choice between putting the heating on or having a decent meal, as well as helping combat loneliness.

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