Thanks to all the Surviving Winter supporters

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The North Bristol Wellbeing Choir rehearsing for the Carols in the Lord Mayor's Chapel, which raised £550 for the Surviving Winter appeal

Before Christmas we asked those who could afford it to consider donating their Winter Fuel Payment, or other contribution, to the Surviving Winter appeal to help older people stay warm and well through winter.

And you responded very generously. Thanks to these donations we’ve now raised over £14,500 to support more projects for elderly and vulnerable people. Projects that help them stay safe and warm during the winter and which combat loneliness.

The appeal received a £550 boost thanks to the efforts of the North Bristol Wellbeing Choir and everyone who bought a ticket to the Carols in the Lord Mayor’s Chapel.

We’re also very grateful for the support of so many including Wessex Water, The Bishop of Bristol who publicly backed the appel, Rosa Hui from BACWG, Bristol 247 who volunteered advertising space, plus the Bath Chronicle, Mendip Times, Clevedon and Yatton Living and other media outlets who helped support the campaign.