Thank you for helping Jonny get meals to those in need

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Jonny Burnett from Romajo's Community Meals cooks 1,200 meals a week in a borrowed pub kitchen

“Together between all of us, we have created a truly wonderful and supportive network to assist those in need. I am humbled to see how it has taken off – we all are. It highlights a real community spirit and that is a feeling that really cannot be beaten” says Jonny Burnett the chef who cooked 1,200 free meals a week in lockdown. With the support of 88 volunteers from the Yatton area they’ve come together for the good of their neighbours.  

In just twelve weeks your support for Quartet and the Coronavirus 2020 Response Fund means we’ve reached 169 local projects like Romajo’s Community Meals, all helping people in need through the coronavirus crisis.

You’ve helped us raise £1.35m and small local causes in Bristol, B&NES, North Somerset and South Glos have already received £800k to help those worst hit by the coronavirus crisis. 

We couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you.