What would you do if you had £280,000 to give away?

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Changes Bristol benefited from grant funding
Changes Bristol benefited from grant funding

Do home renovations come to mind or a good holiday to boost your vitamin D levels? Would you give the money to charitable causes making a difference to local people? Well that’s exactly what our fund holders and donors did last month. And we’re really glad they did as it meant we could match their financial support to some amazing grant applications we’d received in our inbox.  

They’ve funded a really wide variety of causes, many close to their hearts. Their charitable gifts benefit projects offering support to people in need, providing everything from food for families in poverty to repair cafes, fixing items for local people.

We make these grants every month thanks to the generous support of our fund holders, donors and other supporters.

Not sure if you’d do the same? Maybe see who’s been funded before you decide.

Here’s a brief taster of five of the projects getting funding:

·         £28,900 went to Changes Bristol, the second year of a three-year award towards the salary and on costs of the Project Manager and a contribution towards running costs of a project providing Peer Support Groups to people with mental health issues in Bristol. (Henry Smith Charity)

·         £5,000 went to Oasis Hub Bath toward the Oasis pantry project that will regularly provide good quality surplus food to families in poverty or on low incomes, redirecting food that would otherwise be sent to landfill. (Emerging Needs Affecting Children & Young People Grant)

·         £3,500 went to Our Way Our Say for an outreach session to reach the children age 9-11 who are misbehaving on the estate & another in the boxing gym for them with a coach (Emerging Needs Affecting Children & Young People Grant)

·         £5,000 went to Age UK South Gloucestershire toward running costs of their existing befriending service that offers weekly visits to provide companionship for isolated and lonely older people. (Express Grant)

·         £14,900 went to Hartcliffe & Withywood Community Partnership to strengthen the charity’s governance, and build capacity, confidence and resilience. (Funding the Future Grant)