What’s life like in your community? Tell us for your chance to earn £250 for your chosen charity

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Complete the anonymous survey and our interns Sophie and Lucy will crunch the numbers for our Vital Signs 2019 report

Take part in the 2019 Vital Signs Survey & let us know what life is like in your area (West of England). The surveys are anonymous and participants can nominate a charity to be entered into a prize draw to receive a £250 donation from us, as a thank you. Take part in the survey now.

We are currently working on the 2019 Vital Signs Report, which helps inform philanthropic giving and presents a concise analysis of social needs in the West of England. A very important part of the research for the report is asking local people about their lives and their communities.

We want to hear from as many people as possible, so would be incredibly grateful if you could complete this 10-minute survey. The survey is completely anonymous but we will ask for the respondent’s postcode and some general demographic information to help with our analysis of quality of life in the area.

The information will form part of our our Vital Signs 2019 which will be published in October 2019. Read previous reports.