Young people benefit from extraordinary gift

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The Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Appeal made the donation to help young people such as those benefiting from half-term activities at BS14 Youth Club Stockwood

The High Sheriff’s Fund for young people, BYCA, is reaching small local youth organisations in key parts of Bristol thanks to a sizeable donation.

BYCA (Bristol Youth and Community Action) is funded by generous donations to the High Sheriff of Bristol’s Fund, managed by Quartet Community Foundation.

The Lord Mayor’s appeal made an extraordinary £10,000 gift to the High Sheriff’s fund to get children through this exceptional year.

This one-off gift supported holiday activities in the October 2020 half-term week for Bristol’s 8-12 years olds, and more activities are planned at Easter.

Grassroot Sports is one of over 20 groups who will receive BYCA funding this year.

Coming together to support young people through pandemic

John Manley, Bristol’s High Sheriff said: “This year more than any other it is so important to give an opportunity to young people from around our City the chance to spend their school holidays doing creative and physical activities. We are very grateful to the Lord Mayor’s Children Appeal for this great support.”

The Lord Mayor of Bristol, Jos Clark, said: “The Lord Mayor’s Appeal, which marks its centenary in 2021, is for the very first time making a large £10,000 donation to the High Sheriff’s fund to help reach children in need during Covid-19.

“The Lord Mayor’s Appeal offers over 1,000 of our most in need children vouchers each Christmas, plus our toy appeal reaches many more. The committee decided to take this remarkable decision to do more because we wanted to help young people through this exceptional year.”

Bruce Simmonds, Appeal Chairman and Honorary Treasurer  (The Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Children Appeal) said: “We are delighted to have identified how much a substantial donation would make to BYCA, and are thrilled to see the benefits which our support is already bringing to the Children.”

Ronnie Brown, Interim CEO at Quartet Community Foundation said: “Seven months into Covid-19 it’s clear many of our young people are paying a heavy price as the restrictions continue to severely disrupt their lives. Youth activities importantly offer young people opportunities, fun and new connections at little or no cost to financially challenged families.”

Lee Williams DL Chief Executive Young Bristol: ““Through working in Partnership with community providers like Grassroots Sports Bristol, Young Bristol are delivering several school holiday clubs throughout the City. The generous support of BYCA and our corporates like SR2 Recruitment ensure we continue to provide fun activities and a free meal to all participants during these challenging times.”

Grants available

Applications for BYCA grants are managed by Quartet Community Foundation. The BYCA grant programme is now closed but groups wishing to apply for funding for youth activities can apply for other grants through Quartet, including the Bristol City Council Youth Sector Support Grant Programme.