Bristol City Council Youth Sector Support Fund Grant

This grant programme is open for applications.

Opening Date:
23rd July 2018
Closing Date:
This programme will be open until 2021
Maximum grant awarded:
£10,000 per organisation in any year, up to a maximum of £30,000 in any year for partnership applications (two or more eligible organisations). See the guidelines for full details.

Bristol City Council has set up the Youth Sector Support Fund to support Bristol-based organisations working with local children and young people. The fund will support projects and collaborations that result in a diverse range of services for children and young people 8-19 years old and a stronger youth and play sector. This fund aims to complement Targeted Youth Services (TYS) contracts by filling gaps in services across the city.

Young people’s talents, ideas and priorities will be central to every grant that we make from the fund. But we also want to see a strengthened youth sector, and this fund can support organisational development, pilot projects and new ways of working.

We encourage you to talk to us before applying so that we can support you to join dots, access help and make the strongest possible application. Quartet Community Foundation is working with Voscur, to provide bespoke support to organisations wishing to apply to the fund. Please contact Voscur if you need support with submitting an application to this grants programme. Their contact details are here


This grant programme will:

Please make sure you read the full guidelines (available below) as these set out the things we will prioritise and how to access help with your application.


This grant programme will be open for applications all year but our decision-making panel will meet once per quarter. If we receive your application in time (be aware that it normally takes 6-8 weeks to process and assess an application) we will consider your application at the next scheduled panel meeting – see provisional deadline and panel meeting dates for 2019-20 below. If we have been unable to process your application in time, your application will be considered at the following panel meeting. Make sure that you allow enough time for us to assess and discuss your application at a panel meeting when you are planning the start date for your project.


Deadline for applications                 Date of panel meeting

8 April 2019                                       3 June 2019

22 July 2019                                      16 September 2019

14 October 2019                                9 December 2019

13 January 2020                                9 March 2020