For Professional Advisers

Helping your clients make the greatest impact, locally

Your clients’ generosity can help to seed long term, positive change in our region, laying the foundations for a better life for people in the West of England.

Quartet awards grants to hundreds of local voluntary and community organisations in the West of England every year and makes it easy for generous people to support them.

As a professional adviser, you are a vital connection, providing independent advice, guidance, and information to those who want to make a difference. This is an opportunity to increase philanthropic donations for important local causes and enhance your service to your clients too.

As a professional adviser, we invite you to partner with us to help your clients make their local charitable giving easy and rewarding, while supporting their financial planning goals.

We work with solicitors, accountants, financial advisers and wealth managers to provide flexible options for local giving to suit your clients’ wishes.

Personalised advice on philanthropy

Our independent, personalised philanthropy advice service helps individuals, families and businesses to find and support causes in their community in a way that makes maximum impact. We take the time to understand local needs in depth, spot opportunities for fundholders and do full due diligence, allowing your clients to make a positive contribution that changes the lives of others, now and far into the future.

We work with you and your client to make giving to local causes an uplifting and rewarding experience.

Giving through Quartet is a flexible, responsive and tax efficient way of supporting local causes. We provide a simple, cost-effective alternative to your client setting up their own charitable trust or trust account, while allowing them to remain close to, or in control, of their grant making decisions.

Connecting donors with great local causes

We have 35 years of experience of matching donors with local causes that they care about. Our knowledge and understanding of local needs mean we can guide your clients to make the greatest impact with their giving.

Quartet has unique insights into local charities and community organisations in the West of England, as well as considerable grant-making expertise. We tailor our service to meet our clients’ unique needs and their desired level of involvement – whether through permanent endowment funds that keep on giving, or through revenue funds for immediate impact.

Stories from local organisations funded via Quartet

Get in touch to talk through ideas

We know that each and every one of your clients is an individual, with different circumstances and requirements. Whether it is related to the sale of a business or property, for tax purposes, a dormant charitable trust, or estate planning – or putting your own unclaimed client balances to good use for the benefit of the local community – we are here to help, ready to talk through ideas or to explore different scenarios.

For further information contact Angela Emms or Claire Wynne Hughes.

We are always happy to meet for a coffee and to talk through available options for you and your clients.

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Helpful leaflets

Many of your clients will already be discussing their charitable giving with you. Here are a few downloads which give more information about:

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Set up a fund with us

Create a fund that makes a long term difference to the people and communities you want to help.

Share your expertise

Share your business skills and experience to support the local voluntary sector.

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Hear what's happening for communities in our region.