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These stories showcase some of the amazing work delivered by hundreds of organisations in Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire every year. Behind all the work we support is the extraordinary generosity of local fundholders and donors.

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  • Community stories celebrate the groups who work to improve lives and life chances of people in their diverse communities
  • Fundholder stories reveal the passions of local philanthropists and donors, and what motivate them to give
  • Professional adviser stories examine the work to make bridges of trust between our communities and business.

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graphic representation of women with shadowed hands reaching out to touch her

New support group for women who have experienced sexual violence

We have awarded Focus Counselling a £4,445 grant to establish a fortnightly support group for women survivors of sexual violence in Bath
A person exercising outside in the sun on a colourful mat by a wall. They are performing 'plank'

Creating health opportunities in B&NES

We awarded Sporting Family Change (SFC) £924 through the Bath Half Marathon Fund to purchase gym equipment. The funding has helped SFC inspire local families…
Two white women holding Surviving winter posters

Surviving Winter Appeal already benefitting local people and charities

Our Surviving Winter appeal has already raised £7,500 for projects helping local people facing fuel poverty, isolation and financial pressures in winter. And those donations…
Four presenters in the Ujima Radio station. They are all smiling to camera.

Local project goes global at COP26

We awarded Ujima Radio a Megawatt Community Energy Grant of £5,000 towards producing radio shows as part of the Black & Green Ambassadors Project. This…
Black History Month logo and to the right photograph of Abdulkadir wearing spectacles and a suit and tie

Celebrating Black History Month 2021: Five questions with Abdulkadir Sheikhusein from Bristol Somali Forum

We chat with the chair of Bristol Somali Forum, Abdulkadir Sheikhusein and find out what the group is doing for Black History Month, some of the…
Two women. Patty in red jacket, to her right, Miriam in colourful necks carf and blue jacket, holding a large bunch of gift wrapped flowers

Celebrating Black History Month 2021: five questions with Miriam Robertson

To celebrate Black History Month in October 2021 Charlene Lawrence, Quartet’s Engagement Officer, speaks to Miriam Robertson at North Somerset BME Network.
In the foreground a child in wheelchair beaming with joy with arms stretched up by his head dancing. To his left a laughing woman waves a green flag. The child's carer looks on smiling

Spreading joy on the streets of South Bristol

A recent grant to Flamingo Chicks helped children with multiple disabilities enjoy some much-needed post-Covid fun at Smoosh, a street music and dance event.
A smiling man gesturing towards a Cheers Drive badge on his blue chef's overalls

Caring in Bristol – preventing homelessness throughout Covid

We speak to Steven Dodds of Caring in Bristol who tells us about the needs they’re seeing – and how we can all help local people…
Four African-Caribbean heritage children / teenagers seated on a wooden bench outside in St Paul's Adventure playground

Greening the inner-city

When you drive up the M32 from Bristol City Centre it’s hard to imagine what lies behind the colourful roadside fencing on Newfoundland Road. Yet…
Several people sit outside near a ring of stones. It features a school age boy blows onto smoldering sticks and wood, smoke rises from it. Another child in mid foreground holds their nose

Outdoor classroom a new way to learn

“This support is really making a huge difference and Jonny is undoubtedly benefiting. He is calmer, happier, and exhibiting far less anxiety.” – parent of…

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