This year, we relaunch the Mayor’s Fund for Bristol

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Last year's Bristol Together Championship brought together boys and girls from different communities to compete together in a football tournament, and then 20 went on an exchange to Bristol's twin city Bordeaux

People in Bristol may famously speak 91 different languages but the universal language of football can bring communities together. Mayor Marvin Rees is inviting people to donate to the Mayor’s Fund to support the Bristol Together Championship which brings together boys and girls from across race, class, geographical and faith boundaries. By supporting the appeal to twin 20 Bristol primary schools from totally different communities to their own to form a joint team and compete together in the Bristol Together Championships you can help break down the barriers that divide our city.

Last year the Bristol Together Championship brought together dozens of children from across Bristol including pupils from Headley Park Primary in South Bristol and Millpond Primary in Easton. Together they formed team Headley Pond and made friends from across the city they all call home.

This year we want more young people to benefit from the project and are asking you to help give them the opportunity of a lifetime. As an added bonus, 20 children from four of the twinned participating schools will go on a three-day trip to Bristol’s twinned city of Bordeaux, giving children who are disadvantaged their first trip abroad and on a plane.

Donate and help young people take part in the Bristol Together Championship