Bristol One City supports Cost of Living crisis

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We have been helping Bristol City Council under its One City approach to work with the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector (VCSE) and partner agencies to support communities most affected by the cost of living crisis.

Quartet has helped the council to deliver three grant programmes:

  1. Community Hubs
  2. Advice and Wellbeing partnerships (Mental health & wellbeing plus Advice & information)
  3. Social Action Small Grant programme.

Community Hubs

Building on what had been learned during the COVID-19 emergency, Bristol City Council identified a number of key community hubs which they could support to coordinate a community response to the cost of living crisis. These were community hubs working in areas that will be significantly affected by the cost of living crisis.

The aim of this funding was to provide additional capacity to these organisations. Helping them to be the coordinating point to share and make information, guidance and support about the crisis available to local residents and communities.

A list of the Community Hubs can be found here.

Advice and Wellbeing partnerships

A network of ‘Welcoming Spaces’ have been established across Bristol (such as community centres, children’s centres, places of faith) where people can meet up, socialise and access support related to the cost of living. Bristol City Council and Quartet have worked with two partnerships to provide additional support within these Welcoming Spaces.

A map of Welcoming Spaces can be found here.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Richmond Fellow have been funded to lead a partnership that includes Changes Bristol and Wellspring Settlement to deliver mental health and emotional wellbeing support within Welcoming Spaces. This involves delivering Peer Support Groups, wellbeing training to volunteers and one to one help for individuals requiring more bespoke support.

Advice and Information

Bristol Citizens Advice Bureau have been funded to lead a partnership that includes Bristol Law Centre, North Bristol Advice Centre, South Bristol Advice Centre and WECIL. Together this partnership is linking up with Welcoming Spaces across Bristol to provide advice and information to residents who are struggling to meet their basic expenditures due to the cost of living crisis.

Social Action Small Grant programme

Three rounds of funding were delivered between September to November to support community based activities in areas most affected by the cost of living crisis.  This programme aimed to strengthen community links between people through the provision of outreach work, indoor activities and/or access to online resources.

A list of the groups and organisations awarded a grant can be found here.

The three areas of work are significant strands of the Cost of Living One City approach to engaging and supporting Bristol’s citizens and communities. Each different grant programme shows a significant contribution from local communities. Organisations in receipt of a Social Action Small Grant are encouraged to work with their local Community Hub and form collaborative relationships with each other, which, as we look ahead to 2023 we hope will ease the pressures citizens in these communities continue to face.


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