Over 60 projects working to improve the West of England were funded through us last month

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Windmill Hill City Farm were awarded a grant for £6,120 to run holiday activities for young people aged 8-12 year this summer
Our Chair, Robert Bourns, right, with some of the recent recipients of grants through the Mall Fountain Fund

Thanks to our supporters over £400,000 was given through us to local community groups and projects last month. With the summer holidays just weeks away we’re pleased to have been able to award over £37,000  through the High Sheriff Fund (BYKA) to give young people in Bristol, from Knowle West to Brentry, summer memories they may otherwise miss out on.

Here are just five of the many grants we awarded last month:

·         £2,100 to Bristol City of Sanctuary to provide match funding with First Bus to provide bus tickets for vulnerable refugees in Bristol. (Express Grants Programme)

·         £15,000 to NAOS to offer one-to-one therapy to disadvantaged young people, aged 19-25 years, including young offenders, young people after care and those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction or at risk of homelessness. (Catalyst Grant Programme)

·         £1,000 to Styleability to deliver two workshops that provide fashion and practical clothing adaptation advice for young disabled adults in Bristol, and to create a series of postcards showing simple adaptations to fashion clothing which will be distributed to young disabled adults and their parents/carers. (Mall Fountain Fund)

·         £500 to Golden Oldies to set-up a new set of sessions for the the Multicultural Friendship Group in Weston-super-Mare. (Express Grants Programme)

·         £30,000 to 1625Independent People towards existing mentoring and peer support programmes for vulnerable young people including those leaving care. (Catalyst Grant Programme)

See where all this May’s grants went.