The truth about Hartcliffe

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Quartet Community Foundation are actively supporting HWCP to run activities for disengaged young people in Hartcliffe

Thanks to the support of people like you, Quartet is the “someone somewhere” that gives young people in South Bristol – and across the West of England – the chances to make something of their lives. This moving short film about Hartcliffe and aspiration with local lad and award winning film maker Paul Holbrook shows young people gathering outside the @Symes community building in Hartcliffe, an area troubled by anti-social behaviour. We recently awarded HWCP who run the building funding to bring in an experienced worker to coordinate youth work in the area and to build a programme of constructive activities with the young people.

In the film Neil Maggs asks how we can raise aspirations for local young people and get them thinking about university.

Paul Holbrook replies: “Get on the streets, those kids you met earlier that were rapping, maybe they want to be a rapper, get them some music clubs, but they can’t because they can’t afford to go to these music clubs. There needs to be places for these kids where money doesn’t come into it. They can go because they want to, and someone somewhere is subsidising that. It’s that simple.” – Paul Holbrook.

We got in touch with Paul to let him know that ‘someone, somewhere’ is subsidising activities for local young people – and that’s Quartet Community Foundation fund holders. But as the film shows, there is so much more to do to make sure these young people have a fair chance of a good life.