There is a new generation inheriting wealth

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There’s a new generation inheriting wealth and looking for advice on how best to look after it and use it for philanthropy. It’s estimated that over £130bn will transfer from the older generation over the next three decades and we’re already seeing this happen. Just last week we met a couple in their 40s who had inherited £millions from parents who bought property decades ago. They had not been involved in philanthropy before so we’re supporting them to develop their philanthropy strategy and put it into practice.

Growing support for ethical investments

We’re also finding that people in their 30s and 40s are particularly focused on responsible and ethical investment; we have recently changed our investment management policy so that our endowment, now worth c.£30million, is invested on ESG principles and according to the UK Principles for Responsible Investment.

Match funding available

Match funding for donations is particularly attractive for many would-be donors but with no Government match on the horizon we’re going to create our own West of England match fund in 2019. If you have clients who would be interested in setting up a fund, boosted by match funding and Gift Aid, do let us know by contacting Sue Turner on 0117 989 7702