What women want

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Women take a different approach to investments, impact investing and philanthropy but how well equipped is your firm to provide the advice and support that they want? You’ve probably noticed that women are more likely to want to see their investments achieve social and ethical values they support. This also ties in with their philanthropic giving – a recent US study shows that this ‘reverse gender gap’ in philanthropy reveals that wealthy women give away their money and time more than rich men.

The causes wealthy women support

Women often give to groups supporting women’s issues: One in four wealthy women gave to causes focused on women and girls, including women’s health and violence against women.

We are giving briefings to client facing teams on how to advise and support women to achieve their philanthropic goals so if you’d like us to work with your firm – or directly with your female clients – contact Sue Turner on 0117 989 7702 sue.turner@quartetcf.org.uk