Coronavirus fund reaches local people in need

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One of the many projects to receive funding thanks to the Coronavirus 2020 Response Fund appeal is the Friends of Hannah More Primary School in Lawrence Hill. They received £4,800 to provide emergency food boxes to families in need.

A mum of children in Year 4, 2 and Reception said: “Receiving these food boxes have been greatly appreciated. The only fresh fruit we have had has come from these over the last weeks. I am shielding so unable to pop to the shops for these.

“The chocolate Easter eggs was a great treat for my  3 children as I didn’t remember to buy any treats before lockdown.”

One mum of Year 4 child said: “As a parent with a child with an underlying medical condition, we feel in the extremely vulnerable category. This meant we are unable to go out at all for minimum 12 weeks. I can’t thank Hannah More enough for providing the food box at such a crucial time especially when it’s also hard to get delivery via supermarkets. It has not only provided us with our essential needs which are the things in daily life you now realise you take for granted, the school  has also thought of the children by providing small treats, books and activities which is amazing. Without this box I would have really been struggling so I greatly appreciate the effort the school and providers are going to.”

Headteacher Hannah More Primary Sue Ramsay: “As a school at the heart of our community, we know how seriously this crisis is affecting people in so many ways. Lots of families have seen their income decimated – included taxi drivers, hospitality workers and retail staff. Families receiving free school meals have a bit of a safety net now they are receiving vouchers, but for many families money is very short indeed. Providing some food basics and keeping in touch with people will be a priority for us throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

Friends of Hannah More Ruth Cochrane: “The Quartet funding enabled us to respond really quickly and set up food supplies straight away. This is the third week we’ve provided food boxes and we will continue through the holidays – and for as long as needed. We’re also providing craft kits and activities to try and keep children busy. Books are the next priority – we’ve been able to tuck a couple of books in with food parcels thanks to a big box from ‘Give a Book’ and there’s now a city-wide initiative called Stories at Home which will make sure all families have access to reading during this difficult time.”

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