From small donations to the Corrigan Fund

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When Ed Corrigan of Corrigan refers clients to Quartet they know when he speaks about the benefits of working with us, he is speaking from experience.

Ed first got involved with Quartet about ten years ago when he met some inspiring projects that made him realise the big impact a small donation to a local community group could have.

He was so inspired he slowly started the process of building up a permanent endowment fund for his accountancy practice, Corrigan, knowing it may take a few years. These regular donations grow the fund year on year and will deliver financial assistance into our local community in perpetuity, through the Corrigan Fund.

Ed values what Quartet achieves so tries to promote our charitable work and encourages other people to get involved when he can.

Not only has he fundraised for us in the past, cycling from Bristol to Paris, but he also refers people to us in his professional life as an accountant.

So Ed is now a fund holder and a professional adviser referring clients to Quartet to help with their charitable giving.

“I can think of at least one client where I sowed a seed which encouraged them to find out more and they ended up setting up a fund like us.

“I’d advise clients that giving through Quartet is a direct route to fund grass roots organisations and you can target your giving – for example to young people or older people, and fund organisations that fit with your desired target groups.

“I advise clients to work with Quartet because it connects businesses directly with grassroots organisations that make a difference locally.

“As I run an accountancy practice I can help people in the corporate environment become aware of the benefits of giving through Quartet, either through setting up a fund, or ad hoc donations to local worthy causes. For businesses the idea of setting up a lasting legacy is quite attractive” said Ed Corrigan.

Quartet Community Foundation regularly talks to Professional Advisors about how to start conversations with clients about philanthropy and how to advise clients on making the best of their philanthropic giving.

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