Creating better life choices

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The Matthew Tree Project seeks to do something more than alleviate an immediate need to put food on the table.


The QCF Catalyst programme is designed for those organisations looking to make a step change in the work that they are doing.


QCF matched fund holders wishes and interest with groups applying for funding through the Catalyst Fund.


The Matthew Tree Project has three main aims: to alleviate the immediate effects of poverty – through their food stores, to build relationships with the people accessing their services in order to understand what they might do to change their situation, and to offer skills training and work to help bring people out of poverty.


A grant of £9,980 allowed The Matthew Tree Project to develop a food growing project in Brislington.


By growing their own food on a commercial basis The Matthew Tree Project can offer those they support skills training and employment in horticulture, food processing, recycling, energy conservation, marketing and distribution, all skills which could help those in need of employment.