Giving Santa a helping hand

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A local community group will brave the weather for three nights in December to help Santa distribute gifts to over 2,500 children across Avonmouth, Shirehampton, Lawrence Weston, Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle.

Bringing happiness during some of the darkest nights of December really does benefit the local community

-Tom Mounter  Avonmouth Projects Group

Avonmouth Projects Group is a small, local group of resident volunteers who want to bring Christmas cheer to their local community. This is the third year that they have organised a Santa tour, and they’re hoping to reach even more children than last year.

We recently awarded the Avonmouth Projects Group £3,000 towards their Santa run around Avonmouth & surrounding villages. The funding is thanks to the Bristol Port Company Fund held with Quartet Community Foundation

Prior to Christmas, they needed a little help to get things ready. They have a trailer and sleigh to prepare. Even Santa needs to do repairs on his transport.

Tom Mounter from the Avonmouth Projects Group:

“The happiness we saw on faces of people last year is a memory none of us will forget. People of all ages were smiling, having fun, and thanked us profusely, even in the middle of a pandemic where we couldn’t host a full scale event. Bringing happiness during some of the darkest nights of December really does benefit the local community.

“Avonmouth is a deprived area, with a large number of low income families. At Christmas time, we know how far a festive surprise can go, and that’s why we try to bring a surprise to as many children in the area as possible.”

The group have won two awards for their community activities, including being crowned Community Group of the Year in the Nextdoor Good Neighbourhood Awards 2021

Thanks to our fund holder, The Bristol Port Company, for helping get Santa on the road this Christmas.

John Chaplin from The Bristol Port Company:

“We are always delighted to support our local neighbours and hope that this seasonal help goes someway towards a wonderful Christmas.”

Merry Christmas to all our supporters who last year helped Quartet Community Foundation reach over 590,000 beneficiaries.