Improving life chances

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Children growing up in families without any male models is a well-documented problem.


QCF manages the The Henry Smith Charitable Fund on behalf of the Henry Smith Charity.


Priority is given to work with groups experiencing social and/or economic disadvantage and to work that tackles problems in areas of high deprivation.


Single Parent Action Network (SPAN) helps one parent families living in poverty and isolation, from different backgrounds and cultures, to improve their lives and play a greater role in society.

This grant has enabled SPAN to undertake innovative work with fathers, especially those fathers who need to stabilise their own situation before they can become positive parents as they have often had a difficult childhood themselves with poor parental relationships and therefore need help to address and improve their own parenting skills.


A grant of £83,700 over three years has enabled SPAN to employ staff to do innovative work with fathers.


The outcomes are about creating a situation where parents can focus on the child, breaking the cycle of poor parenting and loss of positive male role models in a child’s life.