We’re so proud of the work that we do. Because of you, our endowment at Quartet means we’re able to award a thousand grants every year. We have the privilege of making a difference to thousands of people in our local communities, changing lives today, tomorrow and forever. Here are some of the stories of lives we have touched through our work with donors to inspire philanthropy and on the front-line addressing social needs.

Young and old come together to celebrate all that’s good about life in Barton Hill

Different generations in Barton Hill didn't always seen eye to eye. But through working together on a festival performance, and sharing their personal stories, young and old really came to know and respect each other. Lesson learned? "Young people need to believe in their power to unite communities."

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Gloria Watson – helping older people in the inner city socialise

Gloria Watson is an active member of the Malcolm X Elders, a group for older people living in Bristol. Most of the group share an African Caribbean background and they meet regularly to socialise, learn new skills, keep fit and generally have fun and and escape loneliness.

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Raj Soni – capturing the spirit of an amazing young man

Raj and Sue Soni on Queen Square

When Raj Soni died following a cycling accident aged 16, Raj's parents were aware that many young people miss out on the opportunities that Raj had in life. So they set up the Raj K Soni fund to raise money so other young people could enjoy his two great loves - sport and music.

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Joan Hawkins – handing on the baton

Joan Hawkins and daughter Veronica Northam

Joan Hawkins has funded over 80 projects through the fund set up in memory of her late husband, and many more through her own fund. Her daughter, Veronica, has always been interested in the family's charitable giving and they've now formalised things so that Veronica can make sure the funds continue to serve the good causes they're all passionate about, far into the future.

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Louise Stock – talking about mental health

We learned how Bath City Farm is improving life for residents at the March meeting

Louise tells us how getting involved with Bath City Farm, which offers her somewhere to socialise, enjoy the green space, the plants, the animals plus the joy of making, baking and working in the cafe, has given her mental health and wellbeing a real boost.

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Theo and Dontae – building a self-confident future

Dontae Justin and Theo - Empire Fighting Chance

Theo and Dontae are young beneficiaries at Empire Fighting Chance, taking part in their one-to-one mentoring scheme, and they describe the impact it's made on their lives.

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New secure storage boost for Social Shedders

Nailsea Social Shedders with Quartet and St Monica's Trust

Nailsea Social Shedders are part of the 'Men's Sheds' movement, offering men - and women too - the chance to make and repair things, socialise and run a repair cafe. However their valuable machinery and tools were at risk of theft. But now, thanks to a Quartet grant, a former shipping container has been given a new lease of life as a secure lock up for their tools and machinery.

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Youth work helps Jim support young people in his local area

Jim Maby, with a group of young people he's supported through his work at Youth Moves

Youth Moves and the wider BYCA programme champion early intervention and prevention work for children and young people facing disadvantage and who may be at risk of anti-social behaviour or exclusion. Jim has been through the system himself and is now working to support young people in his local area.

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Helping Frank to relive precious memories

Care home residents enjoying an Alive! guided reminiscence session together on an iPad

Frank has late stage dementia and depression. He spends his days pacing restlessly around the Bristol care home where he lives. Alive! applied to us for a small grant to support their 'guided reminiscence' sessions to help elderly care home residents to connect with others, and express their identity...

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