What did you have for breakfast today?

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A breakfast club at Evergreen Primary (formerly Millpond Primary) in Easton is ensuring children have a good start to the day.

Food for the breakfast club comes from the charity FareShare South West, which provides food to 20 breakfast clubs around the city.

Thanks to our generous donors we awarded this project, Fareshare’s Breakfast Club Programme, £5,000 in May 2018 so that they could tackle child hunger by providing free food for a further 15 breakfast clubs in Bristol schools in disadvantaged areas.

Single mum-of-four Ruby Dellon brings her children to the breakfast clubs every morning. She told the Bristol Post she feels like ‘one of the lucky ones’.

“When you have children, it can get really expensive. I’m grateful for this place,” she said. “Not every parent can afford to provide breakfast or all three meals for their children. It is the times we are living in at the moment.

“I think I’m one of the lucky ones. There are parents who struggle and can’t provide breakfast for their kids, but they don’t have one of these clubs.”

Julian Mines, CEO at FareShare South West, said “The funding from Quartet Community Foundation in 2018 was a catalyst for change for us. It allowed us to kick start our Breakfast Club Programme and supply 15 new schools in deprived areas across Bristol with food every week at little or no cost. We are now beginning our second year of the programme and are ready to expand again. Without the initial funding from Quartet, launching the programme would have taken far longer, and fewer children would be benefiting from FareShare food now.”